Director’s Statement By Lillian Glass

Not only as a filmmaker, but also as a body language expert, every day I would see stories in the news about an incident of police use of excessive force. In watching the videos, one of the things that disturbed me greatly was that the person’s body language was often non-threatening. In many instances, a person was shot, & often killed, when their hands were up.
I decided to volunteer my expertise to police departments all over the country to teach them about the importance of understanding body language. This way they would not misinterpret innocent people’s movements and actions.
As I began to speak to various police departments, I realized the problem of police use of excessive force was much bigger than just teaching them body language alone.
So I sought out world-renowned top experts in their respective fields, in order to create a comprehensive training strategy to adequately train police officers.
Everything these experts share needs to be heard by both citizens and law enforcement in order to prevent this horrendous problem from continuing on an almost daily basis. We don’t have to live with the stigma of police use of excessive force in our society. There is hope. There is a solution and this film provides that solution.